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Wix.com - Chef Felix British actor Jason Statham and Gal Gadot ("The Fast and the Furious") star in Wix.com's ad featuring a fight in a restaurant and an oblivious chef. The spot has clocked up nearly 4 million online views and almost 65,000 social actions. 2. Mr. Clean - Cleaner of your Dreams A CGI man in a tight white T-shirt and jeans turns cleaning into flirtation to an R&B soundtrack, in Mr. Clean's ad, which has been seen more than 1.5 million times online and has had over 25,000 social actions. 3. TurboTax Humpty Fall TurboTax's Super Bowl ad features knights rescuing Humpty Dumpty, who falls off a wall while "doing his taxes." It's been watched more than 3 million times online and has seen more than 4,000 social actions. 4.

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In addition to the Folders.com acquisition, BIGNAME recently acquired the Bags.com domain name. Folders.com and Bags.com join Envelopes.com, a leading online retailer of envelopes and customized stationery which is ranked 581 on Internet Retailer's 2016 Top Internet Retailers list, to create a portfolio of category killer domain name businesses. BIGNAME is backed by private equity firm TZP Group and has plans to accelerate growth by acquiring niche, market leading e-commerce brands focused on selling customized products to small businesses and consumers. "Our mission is to create a portfolio of e-commerce businesses that offer customizable products to small businesses and consumers. We were drawn to Folders.com when ขาย กระเป๋า we saw the potential of the brand and the synergy with our existing customer base. We are focused on the installation of our proprietary e-commerce platform and adding product customization capabilities to the Folders.com website. Plans to ramp up the product category assortment and apply our online marketing expertise are already underway," says Seth Newman CEO of BIGNAME. Folders.com is focused on providing quality presentation folders, binders, and portfolios to businesses, and organizations nationwide. With a wide range of customization options, Folders.com is able to deliver personalized solutions to its customers. Popular customer segments include financial advisors, universities, medical, real estate, law practices, and government agencies. BIGNAME plans to launch Bags.com as the premier destination for customized bags. The product offering will include trade show bags, gift bags, shopping bags, and tote bags for the business and events end-markets. About BIGNAME: Headquartered in Amityville, New York, BIGNAME is the owner and operator of leading internet retail businesses such as Envelopes.com, Folders.com, and Bags.com. The brands have category killer domain names that drive brand recognition and credibility within their categories. Backed by private equity firm TZP Group and led by CEO and e-commerce veteran Seth Newman, BIGNAME's brands have a shared e-commerce platform that powers a multi-brand shopping experience, a core marketing engine and shared back office operations.

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A black organ recipient doesn't have to have a black donor. But they would be more likely to have a successful match - based on certain genetic markers and antibodies - if more black donors were available. The percentage of black Americans who donate organs has risen since 1988, but there is still an outsized need. Faced with these odds, the Oneliens started a social media campaign, using the hashtag #KidneyForThalya on Twitter, and a Facebook page that called for donations, shared inspirational stories of successful transplants and posted educational material about organ donation. Image copyright Chantal Onelien Image caption Chantal and Thalya Chantal Onelien is familiar with some of the reasons why African Americans might not want to donate, including a distrust of doctors. "People sometimes believe that not only will they not try to save your life, but will try to use your organs as experiments," she says. "And it's hard to defuse some of that thinking - to debunk and demystify it." Mistrust of the medical community among African Americans is not uncommon, and not without historical justification. In the Tuskegee syphilis experiment, black men in Alabama were promised free medical care, and then unknowingly signed up for a long-term research study into the effects of syphilis. When a cure became available, the men were denied treatment so that the study could continue. Henrietta Lacks went to John Hopkins for cervical cancer treatment, where a doctor took samples from her cervix and used them to develop one of the most-used cell research lines - กระเป๋าสะพายข้าง zara all without her permission or knowledge.